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Gesundheit "selbst gemacht"
The possibility of influencing bodily and mental wellbeing takes its roots in the way we treat ourselves and conduct our thoughts and consciousness.

Emotions are a most essential drive within the self-healing system of the human body and thus can produce illness as well as health. Either originates in our mental judgements of our perceptions and experiences. This is an important starting point for governing our condition: through taking influence on your thinking and thus indirectly on your belief-system.
The book here presented offers assistance in initiating healing processes in 2 ways:
  • Methods for the right use of mind, consciousness and thinking-processes in order to prevent the negative effects of their wrong use in the first place.
  • Techniques which utilise the effect of subtle energy-systems on emotions and behaviour thus removing unfavourable emotional states and resulting bodily ailments.

Building upon the insights of ancient traditions psychological as well as physical problems are (re)defined as disturbances within the energetic economy in the course of the meridians. Crises concerning either psychological wellbeing or physical diseases occur when the life energy is impeded in its flow.

Activation and utilisation of these energy fields by stimulating the meridians can initiate highly efficacious processes of self-healing — also in very obstinate and chronic symptoms.

Foreword to Verena Stollnberger’s book
Dr. Verena Stollnberger is among the first group of professionals in Germany to attend my introductory seminar in Energy Psychology® and to complete the certification training in Advanced Energy Psychology®, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods™. In her dedication to this work she has also assisted me in the certification training. She has a keen mind and has been highly motivated and dedicated to explore many approaches encompassed in this new paradigm. And now she has written a delightful, easily understood book that provides an overview of Energy Psychology® and related alternative approaches to psychotherapy and consciousness. I am absolutely thrilled!

I love her personification of meridians in the caricature of Meridianus, who introduces chapters and explains the therapeutic concepts in a very personal way. Meridianus also provides useful hints about how to optimally apply the methods, guides us through breathing exercises, and gives us much food for thought. In the last chapter Meridianus explains the essences of Energy Consciousness Therapy™, a therapeutic method that I developed that focuses on emphasizing the health of the therapist and common sense principles as essential to therapeutic results for the patient or client.

While Verena offers a wide variety of techniques for self-help, she never allows us to lose sight of the fact that there is another dimension far beyond the mechanical application of techniques. This book leads us on a stimulating course about “tapping techniques” and defining appropriate and well-formed targets for treatment before ultimately covering methods that entail spiritual dimensions reflecting our relationship to ourselves and to other human beings. Read it, absorb it, and enjoy your personal discoveries.

Dr. Fred P. Gallo
Pennsylvania, June 2006